After a break for two weeks, and repeat the treatment. Recommended for hardening of the arteries in the lower limbs. Collection mix takes 10 grams of the roots of the marshmallow 10 grams of mother and stepmother of paper, 5 grams of spices, each chop. It is injected into a mixture of sugar and 1 liter of hot water in the vacuum bottle for 2 hours and filtered. Injection, 100 grams of honey to cool to a temperature of 35-40 degrees Celsius, and dissolved in drinking 4-5 times Our kektra site a day with 50 ml. This is recommended for colds and flu. This type of exposure to cold, and central nervous system have a significant impact, they are in any of the fatigue for a long time, you can remove the vitality and good mood. Recipe 55 for its beauty, you need to take care of, and now in order to perform the procedure how to massage bath, cleanse the body, and not only that it was given to him the flexibility and freshness and vitality not only.

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